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AGC-REC FUEL is a young company that operates in the environmental sector mainly in Hungary, providing integrated services in the field of waste management (brokerage) and technical-commercial consultancy. Thanks to the stipulation of relationships and contracts with final plants located in Hungary and Europe, and agreements made with various authorized transporters, it has also undertaken cross-border shipments of waste, in particular towards energy recovery.

“The garbage is a great resource in the wrong place that lacks the imagination of someone to be recycled for the benefit of all.”

Mark Victor Hansen


The correct integrated management of waste produced by both industrial and urban processes represents one of the crucial points of environmental and social sustainability.

The main role of an intermediary without detention is that of connecting link between the main actors of a waste management cycle, i.e. the producer / holder, the transporter and the final recipient (disposer or recoverer): more precisely, he is endeavors to ensure the producer the best location, also from an economic point of view, of the load of waste to be sent for disposal or recovery, if necessary also by providing consultancy support. Obviously, all interested parties must have the authorization to manage the EWC codes relating to treated waste.

Waste management, in environmental engineering, concerns the set of policies, procedures or methodologies aimed at managing the entire waste process, from its production to its final destination, thus involving the phase of collection, transport, treatment (disposal or recycling) up to the reuse of waste materials, usually produced by human activity, in an attempt to reduce their effects on human health and the impact on the natural environment. A particular interest in recent decades concerns the reduction of the effects of waste on nature and the environment thanks to the possibility of saving and recovering natural resources from them and reducing the production of waste by optimizing its management cycle


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